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NO to AFRICOM in our shithole countries. An open letter to sec Pompeo.

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Dear Secretary Pompeo, In a terribly offending statement, Mr Trump referred to countries like the DRC among others as «shithole countries» of which nationals were not desired in the US. In such a context of deep contempt and unspeakable disrespect, we were truly surprised yesterday to witness the arrival of high-ranking members of the US armed forces in the DRC. Among these presumably lost members of the US military was Brigadier General Stephen J. deMilliano of the United States Africa Command, the understandably infamous AFRICOM. From president Trump perspective.

US officials in a «shithole country» meting with Tshilombo.

Dear Mr Secretary, let us remind your government that as a close ally of neighboring Rwanda and Uganda, we hold the United States of America, its military and particularly AFRICOM, highly accountable for the massive extermination of countless Kongomani with other Rwandan refugees in the DRC by Rwanda and Uganda. We also hold the US, the Pentagon and AFRICOM accountable for the vast plunder campaign of critical mineral resources by tiny little Rwanda. For the training, the weapons, the logistical support and the intelligence supplied by the United states government and its military.

Rwanda Paul Kagame with former AFRICOM Commander in Kigali.

In these circumstances, you will understand, dear sir, that neither AFRICOM nor any branch of the US Army is welcome in the DRC. In fact, to be more clear in the best US foreign policy terminology, no asshole-countries nationals are desired in our shitholes. Especially when the last elections that took place in the DRC were spectacularly rigged. To such a point that even the US government had to take significant steps to respond to corruption issues that surrounded the very electoral process that led Tshilombo to his controversial power. It is interesting to observe that the United States of America would take advantage of the fraudulent election of the current DRC president to advance their own militaristic agenda amidst the economical chaos the people of the DRC are facing because of the corruption the US pretend to condemn.

Dear sir, we would very much like to let your government know that we equally hold your country accountable for this vicious economical warfare on the devastated people of the DRC. Mr Secretary, in view of the hideous acts committed by the United States of America since the assassination of Patrice Emery Lumumba by the CIA, which has plunged KONGO into a cycle of unsustainable instabilities, before igniting the country three decades ago, we inform you that these abominable crimes will not remain unpunished before the Tribunal of History. Neither will America escape the Judgement of the Most High GOD of KONGO and beyond. Bukoko Ikoki, Citoyen ordinaire.

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As of The Sun of Righteousness, we do not accuse. Neither do we judge, nor condemn. We do not stone. We do not curse. We bless our enemies and persecutors. While we let the dead bury their own dead, as we pick up our Cross, we revive our loved ones from lethal errors.

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