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Is Lord Yeshua Black or White? The curse of whiteness in the bible.

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

Mary in Latin, but in ancient Egyptian: mrit-imn or Merit-Amun, beloved of Amun or Amen or Imana.

Probably the most devastating thing that has happened to the black people is the self-hatred induced in them by the prominence of detrimental religious depictions by the white man. The consequences of such a self-hatred are of course beyond imagination. Recently in Ghana people decided to craft a statue of a white angel striking a black devil. Even in Munich, Germany, where I first saw a similar statue but of an all-white depiction, nothing was close to the level of contrast and detail the Ghanaian brothers achieved in Accra. They even made the angel a roman soldier...

This deep-seated self-hatred among black people has only one ultimate consequence as the cause of all the wars, the miseries and other backwardness: the worship of the white man as a god by the black people. It is truly painful to come to the understanding that the great majority of black people who call themselves Christians simply did not happen to be acquainted with a white iconography of Jesus, Mary, the saints and other angels, they willingly associate with an alien group where they consider themselves as second-zone human beings. As a matter of fact, many black folks in Churches are not at all interested in the idea of a black Jesus as they identify with material achievements and success they primarily seek through white guys. Those who appear to be the exclusive depositaries of the material wealth of the Prince of this world.

And as they go so far as to identify themselves with devils, they internalize the idea that it is normal that the white man enjoys privileges and that they are not necessarily entitled to a decent life because they actually worship a white god. A white god who, as a matter of course, does not bother answering their prayers.

By embracing a deceptive figure with the temptations of a material world he defiantly crafts against the natural one in order to impose himself in his own realm as god, black folks commit an abomination to The True God. An abomination that only adds to the misfortunes they are bitterly entrapped in.


It's about time to put an end to this abomination by telling the truth about blackness and whiteness.

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free... John 8:32 KJV.

Was Lord Yeshua black or white is a fundamental question to answer for our fate as a people.

There is no formal answer to the question in the bible since the notion of races was not formally established at that time as it is nowadays. Though, those who are considered as white today clearly could be distinguished from the rest of the population and were referred to then simply as Gentiles, mainly Greeks or Romans, or other outsiders such as the Syrians. Material wealth and refinement were a common characteristic for them in the Scriptures.

Despite the fact that the skin color of Yeshua is not explicitly mentioned in the scriptures, clear indications are found in the bible that will let anyone draw his or her own conclusion.

Such indications deal with the notion of whiteness. How is considered whiteness in the bible, how is it seen by GOD, will undoubtedly determine whether or not Lord Yeshua was white or not. And the answer to this question is sufficient to tell whether or not he was black as blackness must be associated with the color of the people who are native to the region and its surroundings.


GOD punishes of whiteness those who mock the black «African» woman...

The notion of whiteness in the bible is associated with leprosy. In many instances, it unquestionably appears as a curse.

In Numbers 12:1-10 KJV, GOD punishes Mariamn, Moses' sister, for ridiculing the idea that Moses married an Ethiopian woman. Considering that the Ethiopian complexion at that time is probably the darkest, it is interesting to note how GOD answers Mariamn comments on the choice Moses made. GOD turned the skin of Mariamn white as snow...

Now, to indulge in her prejudice, Mariamn could certainly have been brown or light-skinned or even black as the prejudice could have been on the more traditional background of Moses' wife who would then appear even more «african» to her. As Moses (or Musa, Exodus 2:10) and Mariamn (Or Mary in Latin, but in ancient Egyptian: mrit-imn or Merit-Amun, beloved of Amun or Amen or Imana.) are as a matter of fact names of Egyptian origin.

In any case, the fact of the matter is that, according to the Bible (Numbers 12:10) the standard in the eyes of GOD is blackness. The darkest, probably the best (Ethiopia). Certainly not whiteness.

It must be said, from the Greek language point of view, the word Ethiopia (burnt faces) is actually related to the blackness of the skin of those in the considered region.

Prior to that, in Exodus 4:6 KJV, to prove to Moses and the Hebrews what He was, interestingly, He submits him to a bizarre experience by making his hand turn leprous, white as snow. Before turning it into its original color. He chooses this very sign to prove to the Hebrews He is the GOD of their fathers. There is no need to be a rocket-scientist to understand that that hand was originally black before turning white as Moses couldn't possibly go unnoticed in Pharaoh's Court at that time (around 1400 BCE) if he was not black. Even dark-skinned.


In 2 Kings 5:27 KJV, the Prophet Elisha says: «The leprosy therefore of Naaman shall cleave unto thee, and unto thy seed for ever. And he went out from his presence a leper as white as snow.»

It is interesting to note that, more than a disease, leprosy is seen in this Scripture as a genetic feature that permanently confers a particular color of the skin to an entire lineage. Which technically amounts to what we call the «white» race.

More interesting is the allegoric interpretation that can be made of this Scripture. It clearly reveals that Naaman not only can be seen as one who is of Syria, but also one who is the descendant of the tribe of Benjamin (Genesis 46:21). Which tribe is represented by a wolf as a totemic spirit of the group. A wolf that is symbolic of the Caucasian world to which it is native.

Systematically in the bible, the Wolf of Benjamin, from Saul the king to the self-proclaimed apostle, has been in opposition to the Lion of Judah. Needless to mention that the lion, as opposed to the wolf, is notoriously native to the savanna of Africa.

In Mark 7:26-27 KJV, the Lord Yeshua has this blatant reply to a Gentile woman that leaves no room for the shadow of a doubt on the extreme difference between the two races.

«The woman was a Greek, a Syrophenician by nation; and she besought him that he would cast forth the devil out of her daughter. 27. But Jesus said unto her, Let the children first be filled: for it is not meet to take the children's bread, and to cast it unto the dogs.»

Multiple English versions of the bible of recent translation replace «nation» by «race». While other replace «Greek» by «Gentiles»...

Bukoko Ikoki,

Ordinary citizen.



As of Christ, we do not accuse. Neither do we judge nor condemn. We do not curse. We do not stone. We bless our enemies and persecutors. While we let the dead bury their own dead, as we pick up our Cross, we revive our loved ones from lethal errors.

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